Dog's accommodation

Upon arrival, you must have your dog on a leash. This is both for your own dog and
for the sake of other dogs and cats .

The dogs are accommodated in good sized kennels and fed every day with
nutritious dog food.

We have a close contact with the dogs when cleaning, feeding and exercising,
besides socializing with the dogs during the daily routines.

The dogs are daily outside in a secure play area. Dogs have their own dog beds,
therefore it is not necessary to bring a dog basket, but dog blankets or personal
effects are welcomed.

Please inform kennel personnel if your bitch is in season, so we can take
the necessary precautions.

Special treatments like medication and feeding quantity can be arranged
individually. We will do our utmost to give your pet a comfortable stay
while you are away.

Cat's accommodation

Your cat will be accommodated in bright spacious apartments with cat beds,
play things, etc. Real homely atmosphere with back ground music.

The cats are fed every day with nutritious cat food.